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Mgo coupon april 2019

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Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. A Nature Research Journal. Radioactive waste immobilization is a means to limit the release of radionuclides from various waste streams into the environment over a timescale of hundreds to many thousands of years.

Incorporation of radionuclide-containing wastes into borosilicate glass during vitrification is one potential route to accomplish such immobilization. To facilitate comparisons and assessments of reproducibility across experiments and laboratories, a six-component borosilicate glass Si, B, Na, Al, Ca, Zr known as the International Simple Glass ISG was developed by international consensus as a compromise between simplicity and similarity to waste glasses.

Focusing on a single glass composition with a multi-pronged approach utilizing state-of-the-art, multi-scale experimental and theoretical tools provides a common database that can be used to assess relative importance of mechanisms and models. Here we present physical property data both published and previously unpublished on a single batch of ISG, which was cast into individual ingots that were distributed to the collaborators.

Properties from the atomic scale to the macroscale, including composition and elemental impurities, phase purity, density, thermal properties, mechanical properties, optical and vibrational properties, and the results of molecular dynamics simulations are presented. In addition, information on the surface composition and morphology after polishing is included.

Although the existing literature on the alteration of ISG is not extensively reviewed here, the results of well-controlled static alteration experiments are presented here as a point of reference for other performance investigations. The disposition of radioactive wastes originating from various sources including the cleanup of legacy wastes from heavy metals separations, used nuclear fuel UNF from power generation, and the wastes generated in UNF recycling programs is a major environmental and human health concern.

In most countries, vitrification is seen as the best-demonstrated solution for immobilizing radionuclides for disposal. In addition, technologies are well established for processing borosilicate glasses at industrial scales under hot-cell constraints. For these reasons, borosilicate glasses were selected for the immobilization of high-level waste and are used in all reprocessing nations. One of the primary objectives of radioactive waste immobilization is to limit the release of radionuclides into the biosphere over long time periods, often covering many thousands of years.

The high chemical durability of borosilicate glass means that direct experimental studies of glass behavior at laboratory timescales cannot be simply extrapolated to performance lifetimes of hundreds to thousands of years. Instead, meaningful experimental data are collected at shorter timescales and often under accelerated corrosion conditions, and this information is used to develop a mechanistic understanding of the processes responsible for glass degradation and radionuclide release.

Robust models based on this understanding must be developed in order to calculate the long-term behavior of a glass waste form. The value of such an understanding has been recognized by the international scientific community involved in waste glass corrosion, 2 as well as the broader waste disposal community. Using a single glass composition for study that is simple but representative of borosilicate waste glasses enables the direct comparison of results from multi-pronged research efforts that utilize state-of-the-art, multi-scale experimental and theoretical tools across laboratories.

Combined, these results will provide fundamental insights into the corrosion behavior of the glass and will facilitate consensus regarding the rate-controlling process es of glass corrosion. To that end, a six-component glass, known as the International Simple Glass ISG , was designed in to be a compromise between simplicity and similarity to waste glasses. Here we summarize the physical properties of ISG from the atomic scale to the macroscale. This paper serves as a lead-in to a special issue of npj Materials Degradation volume 2 devoted to ISG.

It presents both a review of published data on unaltered ISG and a compilation of unpublished data collected by many of the research groups involved in the study of ISG. Interested readers are encouraged to contact the relevant research group for further information. Although the existing literature on the alteration of ISG is not extensively reviewed here, the results of well-controlled static alteration experiments American Society for Testing Materials ASTM C are presented as a point of reference for other performance investigations.

The basic property information presented here complements the articles in the ISG special issue that deal directly with the alteration behavior of ISG. Understanding the detailed physical properties of ISG is one key to developing accurate alteration models and provides data against which to test atomistic models. The compositions of two bars of ISG denoted Bar A and Bar B were measured immediately following synthesis to evaluate whether the synthesized glass composition fell within the specified tolerances and to get a measure of the compositional homogeneity from block to block.

Two sets of ICP-AES and IC measurements were performed on each digestion, and the resulting 12 measurements for each bar from each technique were averaged. Some differences are present between the two bars e. In contrast to the measurements of Bar A and Bar B, the concentration of two oxides falls outside the specified tolerances: Na 2 O is higher than expected, while ZrO 2 is lower than expected.

As presented in Table 1 , this specification was easily met. Individually they fall below the 0. Multicomponent glasses can potentially undergo phase separation into two or more distinct amorphous regions or crystalline secondary phases. The alteration behavior of phase-separated glass differs markedly from its single-phase counterpart due to the different composition, density, and surface tension of the separated phase s.

Taylor 14 provides a simple approach to predict immiscibility in complex borosilicate glass systems by evaluating the composition of the Na 2 O—B 2 O 3 —SiO 2 NBS sub-mixture of the multi-component glass relative to the immiscibility dome in the NBS ternary phase diagram. The normalized alkali concentration N Alk is calculated from the composition g , in mass fraction as:. The discrimination function in the model purports to distinguish between homogeneous and phase-separated glasses on a compositional basis with glasses deemed to be homogeneous when the following equation is satisfied:.

If the ZrO 2 content is included in the calculation of y , the left side of Eq. To investigate whether phase separation has occurred in ISG, cross-sectional TEM micrographs and selected area diffraction patterns were collected from an annealed glass monolith and a crushed, unannealed fiber and are presented in Fig. The figures show levels of contrast typical of those found in amorphous materials; no nanometer-scale regions of contrast are observed that would indicate inhomogeneity or crystallinity.

The selected area diffraction pattern in Fig. A zero background holder fabricated from single crystal silicon was used to eliminate spurious diffraction signals. The diffraction pattern in Fig. The presence of a second feature is sometimes an indication that the glass has phase-separated into two distinct amorphous phases. However, as seen in Fig. Although the origin of this feature has not been determined, its presence in the calculated XRD pattern from single-phase ISG indicates that it is an intrinsic feature of the glass structure and likely not an indication of phase separation.

Combined with the TEM micrographs in Fig. The density of ISG is an important parameter in the analysis of solution composition data after alteration, such as calculations of the alteration layer equivalent thickness. To determine the density of ISG, it has been measured in both powder and monolithic forms by several techniques, and the resulting values are summarized in Table 2.

A similar value was determined by Guerette et al. Measurements using helium pycnometry also resulted in slightly higher density values. Despite the extensive research on borosilicate glasses, little is known about the details of their atomic-level short- and medium-range structures. Although these properties are challenging to assess experimentally in complex amorphous materials such as glasses, significant insight can be gained by modeling the amorphous structure within theoretical frameworks such as MD simulations.

Generating an accurate atomic-level model of ISG can inform the analysis of glass alteration 18 , 20 and is one step toward developing representative, atomic-scale simulations of glass alteration behavior. Ren et al. A snapshot of the relaxed structure is presented in Fig. This simulated heat treatment produced a glass structure with a density of 2. No obvious phase separation was observed, although phase separation may be difficult to reproduce in MD simulations, given the limited timescale and relatively small system size.

In simulated SISG, An investigation of the medium-range structure of SISG, which is difficult to access experimentally, showed that B ions play an important role connecting Si and Al networks. Evidence of this is presented in Fig. Reprinted from ref. Recently, the development of boron oxide potentials that enable the simulation of multicomponent oxide borosilicate glasses have led to MD simulations of the full ISG composition. Table 3 summarizes the simulation results in terms of bond distance r —O , average cation coordination number CN avg , and CN distributions.

The average boron coordination is calculated to be 3. The Si—O, Al—O, and Na—O bond distances are in good agreement with previous experimental results on various silicate glasses. It can be seen that Ca and Na have similar probabilities of being the charge compensation ion for four-fold-coordinated Al, but Ca has a slightly higher probability of being the charge compensation ion for six-fold-coordinated Zr. The red, purple, and green spheres represent oxygen, sodium, and calcium atoms, respectively.

Reproduced from ref. Bouty et al. The bond distances r —O and coordination numbers CN avg from these simulations are consistent with previous experimental results 26 and with the values obtained by Collin et al. Quantifying the thermal properties of ISG, such as its glass transition temperature and viscosity, is necessary in order to understand the glass structure of a specimen given its thermal history. The glass transition temperature, T g , of ISG has been measured variously by differential scanning calorimetry DSC , differential thermal analysis DTA , 12 , 19 and dilatometry; 12 , 19 the measured values are given in Table 4.

The effect of heating rate on the measured value of T g by DSC was characterized. Gong et al. Dashed lines indicate linear fits to solid and liquid regions, respectively. Data from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. The thermal expansion curve of ISG as measured by dilatometry is presented in Fig. This value, and the shape of the thermal expansion curve, matches well with that measured by Gong et al. Viscosity measurements were performed on ISG 29 using a Harrop high-temperature viscometer as described previously.

The measured viscosity vs. The viscosity decreases monotonically from This viscosity vs. Glass matrices utilized to stabilize nuclear waste will experience cracking as they cool from the molten state, with the degree of cracking dependent on the mechanical strength of the waste form, the thermal expansion properties particularly thermal expansion mismatch between the glass and the canister , and the cooling rate and associated temperature gradient across the canister profile.

In addition, ballistic radioactive decay events can generate both structural damage and helium or oxygen bubbles, all of which lead to static pressure build-up and volumetric swelling. Analysis of the force—distance curves generated at each pixel of the AFM image can provide an estimate of the local modulus, adhesion force, energy dissipation, and deformation of the glass. Figure 6a presents the topology image and mechanical property estimates for 1 of the 15 regions measured on the polished ISG surface.

Left inset: Window glass and pure silica glass are shown for comparison. For comparison of the temperature-dependent properties, pure silica glass Suprasil and window glass This behavior, taken in conjunction with the slightly negative slope in bulk modulus and zero slope in sheer modulus over the same temperature range, 19 falls between that of abnormal glasses e. This discrepancy may be due to the modified composition of the simulated SISG.

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Physical and optical properties of the International Simple Glass

Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. A Nature Research Journal. Radioactive waste immobilization is a means to limit the release of radionuclides from various waste streams into the environment over a timescale of hundreds to many thousands of years.

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