Black friday 60 inch tv deals uk

Black friday 60 inch tv deals uk

Shopping in the UK? Check out the Black Friday TV deals we ve found just for you. Black Friday is officially here, and so is the mad race to find the best TV deals from across the internet. People have been feverishly refreshing their web browsers since Thanksgiving dinner just to find something great at a low price. All the best Black Friday sales, right in one place.

Best TV deals in the Cyber Monday UK sales, including £1, off a 4K cinema HDR set

By Steve May T You ll be pleased to know, the answer is, Yes, and in fact here is a buyers guide of all my favourites in that price bracket. Or you could settle for a full HD TV to use in your bedroom or elsewhere. Bottom line: You don t have to wait until Black Friday for this; the best prices can be found at any time of year. This slick looking 4K flatscreen absolutely oozes class, especially given the price. It s oh-so-nearly a incher it s only an inch out — your guests will never know , it combines a neat minimalistic design with an easy-to-accommodate central pedestal stand, and very solid tech credentials.

Just the thing to reduce box set befuddlement? In a world dominated by cookie-cutter black bezels, this low-cost LG stands out from the crowd. It s also the same, excellent WebOS smart platform. If reception via a terrestrial area is suspect in your area, this Freesat HD-enabled telly is the perfect alternative to the PLF. Hisense is a master at making credible budget TVs.

The A is a great example, and a snip at its current price. The provision of HDMI inputs is also generous. Formerly one of the big dogs in the TV business, Toshiba is back to curry favour with some nicely tricked-out, low-priced screens, and the pick of the bunch is this 7-series model, which boasts a big inch display and ticks some serious boxes. Need some reasons to get excited? This set even boasts a wide colour gamut panel. You might well do a double take when you see the specification for this small-screen UHD screen.

Like all low brightness 4K displays, this model is probably best thought of as HDR compatible. We appreciate the compatibility though. Still, usability is above average. The set also boasts a Freeview Play tuner, with integrated mainstream catch-up. For the best black level performance, view in a room with some ambient light, rather than full dark room conditions. Ultra Luminance, a local dimming technique, is used to maximise peak highlights.

Design amounts to an ultra thin bezel and curved pedestal stand, but I like it. To make the most of the integrated sound system, a DSP processor offers virtual surround effects. Audio is via two downward firing speakers, with 20W of amplification. Small, but perfectly formed. TV brands are still looking to maintain interest in p, and one way to do so is by including HDR support in smaller, cheaper screens.

It s almost a trend. The thin bezel frame has a faux aluminium finish that I rather like, coupled to a non-wobbly central pedestal. Apart from the fact you should be able to save a few quid — although not a guarantee given how cheap 4K TVs are getting — there s also an issue of brightness. On a small screen TV it may be difficult to see the extra resolution of 4K sources unless you sit close, but the larger pixels on an HD screen will naturally tend to look brighter than a screen with four times the pixel density.

Connections are a bit limited, admittedly — just two HDMI inputs, a pair of USBs one a fast v3 for timeshifting onto an external USB hard drive , and a digital optical audio output — but that s not shocking at this price. Overall, the RE45 is an intriguing option, especially for PS4 gamers looking to eke maximum picture performance from HDR games, for minimum cash. Give it a gander — but keep an eye on those deflating UHD prices too….

So what should you look for when buying a cheap 4K telly, and what compromises can you expect to make? Screen sizes obviously vary dramatically, depending on brand and price. A growing number of manufacturers are now pushing out smaller inch 4K panels to meet booming demand. All TVs worth their salt are net connected, via Wi-Fi or ethernet. Be sure the smart platform on your favoured set offers what you need in terms of catch-up TV and streaming services. Freeview Play is a handy bonus as it serves as both your programme guide looking forward and also lets you seamlessly delve into catch-up TV that you might have missed, without needing to load up separate apps.

Another element that is usually majorly skimped on with cheaper TVs is the audio. So if you ve got a few quid left over, consider buying a best soundbar or soundbase. Waterproof and water resistant speakers for your house, garden and beyond. Stream music from any phone, tablet or laptop with the best Bluetooth wireless speakers, both portable and more hi-fi. Get the best deals on its excellent older models or upgrade to a LG. When it comes to sport and movie viewing it s time to go large and go home, with the best UHD and p projectors.

Don t settle for weak, tinny television audio. Soundbars and sound bases sit in front of or under your telly to big up its sound in stereo, 5. Our pick of Samsung s best televisions. Which one should you audition? T3 is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Visit our corporate site. All rights reserved.

England and Wales company registration number T3 Smarter Living. Sign up to our newsletter Newsletter. Specifications Screen size: Other sizes available: Reasons to avoid - No Dolby Vision - Not ultra bright. Reasons to avoid - Limited connectivity. Reasons to avoid - You do pay a slight premium for this. Reasons to avoid - Bijou screen size - Limited brightness. Best portable speaker Best Bluetooth speaker Best TV Best LG TV Best projector The best soundbars and soundbases: Best Sony TV Best Samsung TV The best TV for sport:

The best cheap TV deals in the UK for April

We purchase our own TVs and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. The 55" category remains the most popular choice even though larger TVs are slowly, but steadily, gaining market share. New technologies are maturing and are becoming available to more mainstream models. Prices and availability fluctuate a lot at the beginning of the year.

By Steve May T

The traditional sales periods may now be a distant memory, but many TVs are actually now available for their lowest ever prices. That s largely because manufacturers have announced their new sets for , and they and the retailers want the shelves clear of models to make way for their replacements. The new TVs might be worth waiting for, of course, but for the savvy shopper the discounts on last year s still-excellent tellies are impossible to resist. A bargain is but a scroll away. Act fast if you want one, though, as it will soon be gone and replaced by the C9.

The best cheap TV sales and 4K TV deals in the UK - April

We respect your privacy. All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story. Consumer Reports is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to helping consumers. Online shopping means it s no longer enough to sort through printed Black Friday circulars the weekend before Thanksgiving. Consumer Reports has done a lot of the legwork for you in compiling our annual list of the best Black Friday TV deals.


Please refresh the page and retry. Buy now. T his super cheap inch TV is a fantastic option for small spaces or additional rooms. The HD ready TV may not be fit with all the latest technology, but it is more than enough to offer entertainment on demand. This is a fantastic and under-promoted Cyber Monday deal on Amazon for a brilliant little television. If you ve been looking for a new TV, get this one. B uy now. I t quite literally doesn t get bigger or better than the Toshiba 75UDB.

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First things first: With so many deals and discounts, it s easy to get a bit snowblind. Luckily, we re here to help you cut through the static, by picking out the top deals available from major brands like Sony, Samsung, Philips, Sharp, Panasonic and LG. You ll find them in our best list below, ranked by price. You ll find everything from low-budget tellies to behemothic, Ultra HD, splurge-priced televisions. And we re constantly updating this page


Getting the best gaming TV you can afford is essential. You have TVs with enhanced game modes that increase the response rate of the screen and adds features like freesync to help keep your picture looking smooth. And you re getting it all cheaper in , as the technology gets less expensive and more readily available each year. It s a cliche, but there never has been a better time to go 4K and get the best gaming TV for you. But what makes for the best gaming TV? You ll likely want to pick from one of the top manufacturers - we find that Samsung, LG, and Sony still make the best panels for gaming, although people like Panasonic, Philips, and TCL have certain models that really perform too. You need to consider what size 4K TV you actually want, but most people go for inches and above, as the 4K and HDR looks best at that size. If you re spending big bucks on a gaming TV, you need to consider the tech - Samsung s QLED screens are market-leading, and offer up to HDR, which makes colors staggeringly vibrant. There s so much choice.

Come back in for more Black Fri-YAY!

Best Cheap TV Deals: Thankfully, jumping aboard the 4K TV train is no longer prohibitively expensive. The advantages of buying a new 4K TV are plentiful. The 4K standard itself means four times the pixels of your old TV set, so images look super-sharp. This means that films and TV shows will look richer, deeper, and more lifelike. You should be able to find a TV that meets your budget and requirements below. We update this feature on a regular basis, so there should be some fresh possibilities along soon. A big inch 4K HDR TV for this little money gives you fantastic value, especially considering its Philips latest model and has ambilight. An early Spring Sale bargain.

Planning on buying a new TV?

The best 4K TV deals for April

The internet is awash with amazing tech deals from laptops to tablets, but for TVs, in particular, there are some seriously tempting discounts. Here, we will be constantly updating the best deals on televisions throughout the Black Friday weekend. Smart TVs connect to your home internet connection which means you can browse applications like Netflix. They can also connect to other Smart devices such as phones and tablets. Low price: With a large inch screen, this slim TV delivers the latest and greatest content with rich detail and depth. It also has built-in Freeview Play so you can get unlimited access to a huge range of live, catch-up and on-demand TV. With built-in Freeview Play, this large inch screen TV offers a wealth of live entertainment channels, meaning you can enjoy all the latest shows from BBC iPlayer, Netflix and more. A wall-mountable TV with plenty of entertainment, this will add a stylish not to any living room. It includes a range of Freeview channels, Smart TV services and an app store. These TVs have up to four times the number of pixels than a standard Full HD TV making images crisper and more realistic than ever before. To be considered 4K a screen needs 3, x 2, pixels. Enjoy stunning 4K entertainment with this option from Sony. Slim in design, it promises to make an attractive addition to any home and also comes with the amazing Android TV platform. Black Friday Special Buy:

The Best Black Friday Freeview Play and Smart TV Deals

Shop Direct Finance Company Limited exclusive credit broker. Capital One credit card lender pay us for this introduction. New Very Home Insurance customers only. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Sales arranged by Direct Group Limited. Now you re here you can discover s of premium brands for you and your home, all shoppable right now with your Very Exclusive account! Size is the first thing to think of: Then comes the resolution.

Best cheap TV deals for April Save over £ on LG OLED and Samsung QLED TV

At 75 to 80 inches, a 4K TV is at the consumer range pinnacle of its ability to display ultra HD content in the best possible way. Their specs and features also bear this out, delivering some spectacular display features beyond the already stunning quality of 4K resolution at 8. Viewing distance becomes ideal in a 4K TV when two key factors are met properly: For this reason, smaller 40 to 50 inch 4K TVs are often used in small spaces or as PC monitors even because of their short viewing distance while larger TVs can comfortably meet both of the above criteria at larger distances and are perfect for big entertainment rooms. Ideal viewing distance depend on a mix of visible sharpness and immersion. Furthermore, the selection of top-tier TVs is pretty broad, with some serious competition among models being a result. These sorts of specs generally hold true for all of the models below. The E8 delivers the goods masterfully: However, if you want fantastically good OLED at the cheapest possible price in this giant size range, the C8 is your absolute best choice. This model essentially displays content and handles all other key aspects of high quality picture performance just as well as the LG E8 above. This is the case for at least a couple of major reasons. That by itself is impressive. What makes the XF even more awesome is that the rest of its specs and features are almost all also premium quality things. Secondly, all of this is the case even though the XF is one very, very reasonably priced television in all of its size ranges. What does the XF also offer?

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