Amc theatres coupons october 2019

Amc theatres coupons october 2019

Our Theatres: Type in the name of your favorite theatre, or find the theatre closest to you. All About Movies: AMC Stubs: Log into your AMC Stubs account to earn and track points and rewards. Access your virtual card and scan it at the theatre to apply your savings and rewards instantly.

AMC Theatres offers $5 Ticket Tuesdays

With over local theaters and more than 40 abroad, AMC Movie Theaters is now owned by the biggest movie theater company in the world , and with such a large company, comes affordable AMC movie ticket prices. It was founded by the three Dubinsky brothers, who later changed their names to the Durwood brothers. AMC officially began its rich history when Stanley Durwood, son of one of three original founders, took over the family business in Stanley was a World War II veteran and he employed a militaristic approach in managing the theaters.

His first move was to rename the chain as the American Multi-Cinema Inc. His next innovation changed weekends at the movies for the rest of human history — he figured that having just one screen in the building was quite limiting. To fix this, he purchased several buildings and added one more screen, thereby creating the very first multiplex cinema. This concept continued to evolve in the s when AMC became the first to open ten-screen multiplexes. By AMC opened the first megaplex theater that could hold thousands of guests watching multiple movies at the same time.

The largest megaplexes owned by AMC today, house between 25 to 30 screens under the same roof. Incredible stuff! Another major change occurred in when AMC began switching to digital projectors. By the end of the year, the company had completely made the switch, being one of the first major movie chains to utilize digital projectors instead of the traditional film projectors.

AMC now holds over 8, movie screens in more than locations around the world. AMC Theaters is known for introducing several innovations that most movie cinemas copy to this day. One such innovation was the introduction of stadium seating tiered levels. This design allowed every guest an unobstructed view of the screen no matter where they were seated. AMC was the first to introduce seat reservations, button signaling, and dine-in theaters for a more luxurious movie watching experience.

Any guest under the age of 17 must have someone with them who is 21 or over to purchase the ticket and that companion must be there to watch the film with them. Anyone under the age of 17 must also present an ID to be allowed inside the movie house. The average AMC ticket price is just that, quite average. To ensure their ticket prices do not escalate too high, the theater chain has introduced different movie formats.

You can further lower the cost of AMC theater prices by taking advantage of their loyalty program. That way, you can be certain of knowing the cost of an AMC movie ticket before you reach the counter. As AMC is just about the most popular cinema chain in the United States, some of their individual cinema locations take in insanely high numbers of patrons each month. An absolutely insane number! So many movies being watched! AMC Theaters is the largest cinema chain for a reason — you get the best movie viewing experience possible.

Primetime movies, possibly the best seating possible, state of the art screens and audio, and plenty of facilities in each theater. For all the amenities and extras they offer, AMC movie ticket prices are relatively affordable. You can reserve seats online or you can just walk in and pick a flick on the spot. Your email address will not be published. Movie ticket deals and giveaways straight to your inbox.

My husband and I are in the senior category and had gone to a 4: Today Friday we went to a 2: I hardly enjoyed the movie for being so disappointed. I thought that my husband and I had found something we could afford to do on a weekly basis but was sorely disappointed and aggravated that the senior discount seems to no longer exist NOR does a discounted matinee price seem to be a discount anymore. Guess we will be waiting for all movies to come off the big screen before we can see them anymore.

See here for more info. This is the one affordable entertainment activity that my 82 year old mother was able get out of the house and look forward to. I am sure that many others are in the same situation. Every time we went to the theaters, they were full of elderly customers enjoying themselves. It is a shame if this decision was based on corporate greed instead of serving the community. I hope you would reconsider. You are way over priced — will go else where! No theater answers phone now says to go on web site cannot find out any information!

Hey so for the student discounts on Thursday, is that available for middle-high school and should I bring my school ID? Prices are ridiculous and there is NO organization what so ever, teenage employees on their phones and people waiting in line for 27 minutes heck yes I timed it just for a hot dog that they were out of and a kids box for my daughter.

Now they serve alcohol and food which is fine. But I spent a bug majority of my time waiting in line instead of watching the movie with my kiddo. Just thinking about this is giving me a headache all over again. Overpriced, unorganized, rude. Just spent 30 min trying to figure out the ticket prices in our area……. Its is very true so now i only go to the movies at 11am the tickets are only 6. For seniors on a fixed income They do not have the wide variety but at least make a concession to members.

The prices for tickets are very cheap! That is nothing compared to other countries where you pay almost double!! A comparison to a theater across town is valid. It is cheaper to get 6 months of Netflix and order pizza. I will never go back after using this card and will not buy from your overpriced concession stand. Who are you? It was a chore just getting to a site to find out the prices. I will not go to AMC theaters anymore as they have no bargain days.

Other theaters DO!!! I am trying to buy from Europe, online tickets for the Met Relay on the 22 October. Thank You Lord Jesus for creation where it blesses us with relaxation and delight of joy in wonderful G rated movies or others that are for warned in discretion. Thank You Jesus for those who create them and put others before themselves in sharing such wonderful gifts of life. Thank You Jesus that we have eyesight to even view these movies. Thank You Jesus for ears to hear them to understand what we are hearing.

Thank You Jesus that there are discounts for us seniors when we need a moment to get out and enjoy a social event away from home. Thank You Jesus that there is beauty in various areas of the theaters and a seat of comfort. We just glorify You Jesus that we do have the opportunity when we want to enjoy a night out. Please bless those who are less fortunate to enjoy these amenities in life with the finances to be able to experience these same joys that others are so fortunate to do so.

Thank you everyone out there that who has shared your wealth towards blessing those with a gift of watching a movie and the amenities with it that where less fortunate. Thank you for sharing your unconditional love towards others. I am lucky and have a rich friend to take me. And thank what ever you believe in that you get to go at all.

I went to an AMC a couple weeks ago and it was trash. Screaming treble with no real mid or bass. Its sad this company has practically become a monopoly over theaters. I have a better experience watch movies on a cheap Google Cardboard in VR than with my phone than going to this theater. Thank You. Your prices are much more expensive than other theatres. The only reason I would think you would go up on the prices of your movies if you had beef up security because of the pass out come of crazy people wanting to shoot up a cinema.

Which still does not make it right for prices to go up for our safety. Wonder what justifies the big difference in cost? In any event, my first impression is that my preferred theater pricing is now non-competitive with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and other streaming offerings. Sorry to see them go. Because you have to drive 40 miles to the other theater.

So what you make in savings you spend on gas. You have lost me as a customer. James you a punk ass thug. Maybe you deal dope and have a pocket full of cash but most folks cannot afford to take 4 to the movies. I see everyone posting on here agrees with me except you punk. What happened to senior discount for the early movie? I check out other theatres for discounts.

I started having my grandkids take a drink from home. If you only go a couple times a year its not so bad.

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Never miss another great coupon. Save more than before with savings alerts and new offers delivered right to your inbox. Save effortlessly with paperless coupons! Link your store loyalty cards, add coupons, then shop and save.

When you visit the Fandango homepage, a popup will ask if you want to share your location with the site. Select your preferred movie theater from that tab, select the date you want to watch your movie at the top of the next page, and then scroll through the list to find your chosen movie.

Bookmark this page for the latest special offers at the box office and concession stand! Reserve your first ticket as soon as you join. Plus, get a regular fountain drink and a collectible coin. Save big on tickets to Tuesday showtimes! Click here for applicable pricing by state and program exclusions.

AMC Theaters Coupons & Promo Codes

With over local theaters and more than 40 abroad, AMC Movie Theaters is now owned by the biggest movie theater company in the world , and with such a large company, comes affordable AMC movie ticket prices. It was founded by the three Dubinsky brothers, who later changed their names to the Durwood brothers. AMC officially began its rich history when Stanley Durwood, son of one of three original founders, took over the family business in Stanley was a World War II veteran and he employed a militaristic approach in managing the theaters. His first move was to rename the chain as the American Multi-Cinema Inc.

AMC Theatres Coupons & Promo Codes

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AMC Theatres Coupons and Promo Codes

Loyalty pays off, especially at AMC Theatres. The promo is not valid on holidays. As a result, frugal film fanatics should never pay full price on Tuesdays. The blockbuster offer is available at the box office, online and on its app. The combo includes a Cameo-sized fountain drink and popcorn. No coupon necessary.

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About AMC Theatres. AMC was founded in , and today it has the second largest share of the American market. It has locations majorly in North America together with 86 additional locations in China the home of its corporate parent. Its headquarters is situated in Leawood, Kansas. AMC is responsible for the idea of introducing the stadium-style type of seating where the seats are placed on rises so as every person can get the chance to view the screen without any obstruction with adjustable armrest that one can raise to create a loveseat style of seating for comfortability. Today almost all movie theaters have the same seat style. In various markets, AMC presents movies that people can eat in with Cinema Suites and Fork and Screen that offers viewers the option to have full meals and alcoholic beverages.

Amc best coupons & promo codes

Dallas-based Sam Moon Group is on track to open Metropark Square in Shenandoah in March and is planning monthly events on its lawn area. The project, on 70 acres at Interstate 45 south of Texas , encompasses , square feet of retail, restaurant and entertainment space. A screen, 41,square-foot movie theater is scheduled to open in February, followed by Urban Air Adventure Park, with indoor skydiving, a ropes course, a climbing wall and trampolines in March. Code Ninjas , a learning center that teaches children computer coding by showing them how to create video games, has opened in Cullen Crossing Shopping Center at Broadway in Pearland. Franchisees Ellecia and Edmund Knolle, who plan to their next location in the Galleria area, own and operate the Pearland Silverlake location. Founded by programmer and entrepreneur David Graham in , Pearland-based Code Ninjas is opening centers across the U. The quick-service pizza location, one of eight systemwide, is operated by franchisee Nick Mornin. The store fixes products such as smartphones, game consoles, tablets, computers, drones and hoverboards. Steve Curtindale, who also owns locations in Atascocita and Gulfport, Miss. Jim Thompson of Retail Solutions represented the landlord.

The tray tables swivel out for easy access. Costco is supposed to be selling AMC Green and Red passes but they are not currently available online.

AMC Theatres Promo Codes & Deals

After acquiring Odeon Cinemas , UCI Cinemas , and Carmike Cinemas in , it became the largest movie theater chain in both the world and the United States, [3] with 2, screens in theatres in Europe and over 8, screens in theatres in the United States. In , Edward s son Stanley H. Durwood took control of Durwood Theatres, then a small theatre chain, when his father died. Stanley had attended Harvard University and served as a navigator in the U. My dad wasn t that organized. This marked the company s first foray into using the multiplex model. According to Variety , Stanley Durwood later claimed in that he "was standing in the lobby of his seat Roxy in Kansas City mulling over its poor grosses, when he realized he could double his box office by adding a second screen and still operate with the same size staff. The concept also provided more film choices at one location, drawing bigger crowds. It also gave owners the flexibility to show big hits on more screens, and less reliance on any individual film that could turn out to be a bust. By the s, the company was experiencing strong growth. AMC had built and was operating a number of screen multiplex cinemas in the United Kingdom , including sites at locations such as Dudley and Tamworth.

AMC Theatres Now Offers a $5 Popcorn and Coke Combo on Tuesdays

There is an upcharge for premium formats and special events. Exclusions apply. The blockbuster offer is available at the box office, online and on its app. Entertainment Deals and Half-Price Tickets. The combo includes a Cameo-sized fountain drink and popcorn. From a young age, one of his passions has been helping others save money.

AMC Theatres

AMC Stubs members have something new to celebrate on Tuesdays! Keep in mind, however, that AMC describes this special snack combo as "cameo-sized," so they re relatively small. You ll need to sign up for an AMC Stubs membership to take advantage of this ongoing deal, but the program is free to join. In addition to the Tuesday promotions, Stubs members receive a number of other benefits. Read our review of the program here. He has covered a plethora of topics in his writing including the looming threat of invasive species, the true spirit of the Juggalos, and why space travel will always be a carnival of nightmares. Published September 7, by Eric Vega Contributor. Slickdeals content may contain references to products from one or more of our affiliate partners. If you make a purchase on their site through a link on Slickdeals, we receive a small commission. This in no way affects our opinions on products or services mentioned in our content. Share This Article Score. About the Author. Eric Vega Contributor. Frontpage Deals Add-On Item: Copyright -

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